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                                                                            Term 6 


We are looking forward to welcoming all our friends back to the Summer term. This term we say hello and welcome to Finn who will be joining us in Barn Owls. 


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As the weather will be getting much warmer, don't forget to protect your child by applying sun cream and giving them a hat or cap to wear. If you would like your child to apply more sun cream , we are happy to guide them as they do it themselves. To stay hydrated, the children can bring in water bottles to keep on the side and help themselves as they need. As we are a Healthy eating school, we encourage them to have only water and not squash in their water bottles.


This term we are learning  about Transport, looking at journeys and the different means of getting there. Our caterpillars are now full grown butterflies and soon we will let them fly out in our garden. The tadpoles are also bigger than they were last Term , don't forget to have a look at them.

Fun in the sun - We made a plan to keep ourselves cool by making our own paddling pool. We used wooden bricks to help keep the water in. We had lots of fun on a hot sunny day.

We discovered some snails in our garden, and enjoyed learning about them.

We joined in the "Grow your own potatoes challenge" since March when we planted our potatoes, which we harvested and ate this week. We had to think about how to transport them, how to clean and we also counted to see how many they were. We chopped , baked and ate them, yummy!

We said goodbye to our butterflies today

                                                           Term 5


Welcome back to all our friends in Barn Owls. We are excited to welcome to our class Hugo, Aishah, Matilda and Rufus. This Term we are learning about Growing, we are telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We made life cycles out of pasta and talked about the stages of growth.Next, we also threaded some caterpillars. Then, we had caterpillar and butterfly pasta for snack. After, that we played a colour matching game on the interactive board.

Celebrating and enjoying our new climbing frame

Our learning so far. We have been buying and selling in the Garden centre. Also say hello to our Giant African Snail Emily.

                                                                        Term 4 

Term 4 begins on Monday 20th February at 8:40am. We look forward to seeing all our friends back in Barn Owls.


Our Topic is Bears in Stories, our story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Planting Potatoes - ask me about what we can make from potatoes.

Baby Bear was sad that Goldilocks ate his porridge, she ate it all up! So we made some porridge to share with him.

A fire engine just turned up!

World Book Day - Acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears and reading stories around the Nursery

Pancake day - we were learning and talking about how things are made and how things work.

Our own learning this week. In PE we have been acting out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

                                                   Term 3


Welcome back Barn Owls. Our topic this term is 'Wintry weather', based on the big question, 'Why is winter cold?'. This term we welcome some new friends to our class.

We joined in with the whole school rhyme time challenge, here is our rhyme of Two little dickie birds

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We were awarded with a certificate for taking part.

This week we are learning about Chinese New Year.

We had a special visitor today , a Chinese Dragon, what an exciting morning. We listened to our friend's mum as she told us all about her adventures when she visited China. We learnt that in China, they don't use knives and forks but they use chopsticks to eat their favourite food(rice). We also learnt how to say hello and thank you in Chinese. The most exciting part was joining in with the dragon dance to the Chinese new year song Gung hey Fat Choi.

We went on a winter walk and spotted lots of signs of winter. First of all we had to think about how we can be warm in Winter. We put on our coats, hats , gloves and scarves and off we went. We described the weather as being cold, frosty, chilly, frozen and icy.

Our learning so far - We have been exploring with ice

Look at our snowball painting

Exploring with freezing and melting, we found some arctic animals.

                                                         Term 2 

We had lots of fun today at our Christmas party. We had lots of yummy food and drink. Rachel and Vicky from Boogie Beat came , we played many fun games with them. Someone special came to visit us at the end, can you guess who it was?

Dates for your Diary



Reception and Barn Owls Nativity:

13th December - late morning 

14th December - early morning





Keeping busy in Father Christmas' workshop

Once upon a time when we were outdoor adventurers, as Barn Owls we went on a Night time animals trip to SCEEC. First, we had story time, then we made a home for a hedgehog to keep it warm. Next, we went super spotting walk with binoculars. After that, we pretended to be owls and used our sense of sight to hunt for mice. Finally, we used our sense of smell to find food just like a badger which we made into a portion. What a fun morning and thank you to Ceri from SCEEC.

We were being number detectives learning about number 4. We represented number 4 in different ways.

Children in need day

Good choices , good times - we filled up the pom pom jar doing good listening, good looking and good sitting. We wanted to go to Forest school for our reward.

We are learning about time as we play what's the time Mr Wolf.

Remembrance day - We made poppy pictures and sat quietly for one minute to remember the soldiers that died in the war. Sasha took her poppy picture to the Remembrance Day service on Sunday and gave it to Helen Kendrick to put it at the bottom of the cross,

Diwali Festival of lights - we celebrated Diwali in the Nursery. We dressed up in our sarees and lit the Divas whilst we sang the Diwali song. After we tried some Indian food. We had lots of fun.We talked about safety with fire.


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Term 2 - Welcome back: For part of this term our learning is around the big question, ‘Who is afraid of the dark?’ We will be learning about day and night time and sources of light; animals that come out at night time (nocturnal animals); and we will also explore Diwali (Hindu festival of Light). Our storytelling story is Owl Babies.

In our dark den we are exploring with light as we talk about sources of light and our excitement to see the fireworks.

Term 1


We are enjoying learning all about ourselves in our topic 'Magnificent me'. We have been getting to know each other through building relationships, playing together and sharing ideas. We have also been taking part in ring games in the hall and special times on the carpet. 


We have been learning all about our bodies through song. We sang heads , shoulders , knees and toes, slowly and then very fast. In the Doctors Surgery(role play) so many of our patients have gone away with a prescription for medicine to help them feel much better.  

Signs of Autumn walk

Exploring Feelings - We have been learning about different feelings through songs and stories and even at snack time.

In PE we were exploring with moving in different ways, we were rolling, slithering, hopping,walking, running, and then we sang there were ten in a bed whilst we were learning to count down from ten all the way down to one.

We have started to explore making sounds with our voices

As part of the children's phonic development (learning about sounds) the children in Barn Owls have been learning about the sounds they can make with their voices; clapping the syllables in their names(i.e. how many claps in their name e.g Hayley (Hay - ley , 2 claps), Lewis (Le-wis , 2 claps). Have a go at clapping their friends names and names of family members. We have started to listen to the sound at the beginning of their name(initial sound) and we say the sound before the child's name to encourage them to familiarise with the sound e.g. SSSSSS Sasha, MMM Mia.

Our own learning - We continue to build friendships through working together and sharing ideas.