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Welcome to Wrens Class 2018-19.



We are a Year 4 class who love to learn. We have huge imaginations and thoughful, inquisitive minds which makes teaching us great fun for our teachers: Ms Parks (mornings and one afternoon) and Mrs Hamblin (four afternoons).


This term we will be learning all about the great ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece during our history lessons; developing our creative vocabulary through poetry and fable story-telling; learning to speak Mandarin; swimming and running in PE and so much more. Take a look at our curriculum, at the link above, to find out more. You can find our timetable here too.


Keep an eye on our webpage to follow our journey in learning and see how much we can grow our minds in one year and don't forget to check out Red Kites class webpage to see what we do in the afternoons.

17th October

We've been having a super science week in Wrens classroom. The children have been learning all about electricity so being based close to Didcot Power Station has been a bonus. We've learnt about the different ways in which elecrticity is generated and have debated the pros and cons of fossil fuels verses renewable sources. We worked in groups to sort appliances into electrical or not electrical. There was a lot of discussion about some of the appliances that we know could be both such as a coffee grinder. Once they had done this, the children sorted the electrical items into mains powered (using alternating current: AC) or battery powered (using direct current: DC). We drew our own tables and diagrams to present our findings. The Wrens have even learnt to wire a plug!

Today, the Wrens have been investigating circuits and had a wonderful time making the bulbs light and the buzzers buzz. They learnt about conductors and insulators and tested a wide range of materials. 

Exciting Electricity (15th October)

This week is Science Week so the Wrens will be using their investiging and scientific working skills to explore electricity. We will be discovering the different sources of electricty and identifying items which need electricty to work and which materials conduct electricity. The children will be drawing and building simple circuits to switch on lights then developing these using switches. We will need to know the symbols and use the correct names of the parts of a ciruit. We'll even be learning to wire a plug!  The Wrens will need to use English and maths skills to present their data and report on their findings.

We hope you can come and see what we are learning during open classrooms on Thursday. We'll be playing the mandarin songs we have learnt and you can also see the poems and fables we have been writing. The Wrens would love to read them to you.


Wrens, check out this website to learn all about electrical safety in your home -

5th October

The Wrens have leapt into the den building challenge and have been busy making cosy and decorative dens at home. Val made a PowerPoint with photos and we all enjoyed his presentation. We learnt how his den needed to be strong enough to survive his little brother! Laila made a den with cushions and tinsel for decoration. Her pet dog was extra keen to go inside once she had put the toys in. The children asked lots of questions about Rudie's den and were impressed that he had taken a torch light inside. This led to a thoughtful discussion about the dangers of having lights and electrical items near materials.

Hopefully we will have some more presentations next week as the children were keen to get building over the weekend. As one of them said, "It's much more fun that playing on my tablet all night."

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Den Building

The Wrens were really proud of the Den they built in our construction area at playtime today. They now have a challenge to build dens at home so expect to see chairs, blankets and cushions used creatively (messily!). Photos or drawings of the dens can be brought into class so we can share our ideas.

2nd October


The Wrens are working hard on their English this morning. We are learning all about fables and today we are discovering how we can extend single clause sentences using conjunctions.

Fox saw some juicy grapes when he looked up.

He wanted the grapes but he couldn't reach them.

There was some fantastic pair working in the classroom.

24th September

Our English lessons for the next few weeks will be based on Aesop's fables. We had a lovely morning listening to a few via BBC radio and trying to decide what the moral of the story was. There are 40 five-minute fables at the web link below. Why not listen to then at home during dinner or at bedtime. Can you guess what we can learn from each story?


14th September

Wrens may be little birds with loud voices but our little flock can be very quiet indeed when they are concentrating. Check out the video below to see them focused on their learning.


Still image for this video

10th September


The Wrens have made a flying start to the year. They worked hard in maths to find number bonds to 100 and some of the children tried to find out how many pairs of numbers they could making using the digits 1 to 9 (but not 5!), that add to make 100 e.g. 29+71. They couldn't use the same digit twice in an addition sentence.


In English we learnt about similes and wrote a class poem together:

The reader of this poem is...

As mysterious as another dimension,

As naughty as Cessy sat on the table, (the Wrens can explain this to you)

As cunning as a white fox in the snow,

As clever as Ms Parks,

As old as the world,

As loud as a fog horn when it's foggy,

As fancy as a fair,

As silly as a monkey,

As bossy as my dad,

As beautiful as my dog,

As crazy as the Mad Hatter,

As sharp as a mamouth's horn 


As happy as a chinchilla rubbing their back in the dry mud.


This afternoon we talked about China as we are going to be learning Madarin this year! We made dragons, koi carp and cherry blossom for our classroom display. We hope you will come and see it when it is finished.