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Welcome to Robins 

It is really important you are on time to collect your child at 15:10 as there are also clubs and activities that staff need to be ready to support. There is a club suitable for reception starting in term 2.

There was recently a form to fill in via parentmail for this.

If you need another copy, please visit the office on Monday as clubs are free and it is a 'first come first serve' policy. 

Don't forget if you need breakfast or after school club you need to book these.

Again the forms can be found on request via the office reception. 

We subscribe to this fantastic website so you can enjoy excellent activities at home with your child as well as the children using it in school.

For robins our password and user is:


This will give you access to a range of activities suitable for their age. You can see on the photo there is an option for assignments - if you click on here you will need to support your child completing these. They are short fun activities that I can then print off and you can celebrate in their learning journeys once they are completed. 


Children are assigned to a house - we collect smiles for ourselves but also house points for our whole school team. Attached is a list of what house your child in Robin class is in.

Classroom rules and how you can help at home:

At home it would be really useful to chat to your child about the classroom rules:

kind hands,

kind feet

and kind words. 


Discuss with them what that means and also have a chat about what they could they do

if they feel someone else is not using these rules.

Encourage your child to talk to an adult but most

importantly to say very loudly 'stop'. This will ensure adults quickly help in all situations. 


We have a gorgeous class of children who can become very excitable

and sometimes forget their own powers with their hands when they are trying to share their excitment. with their friends.  

Dear Parents, 

Tomorrow (Tuesday 9th October) the children need to arrive at school at the normal time of 8:40. All children in Robins class need a pack lunch as we will be eating it at the church. 

You are welcome to come to the church service starting at 1:30 or pick up after the service at about 2:30. (PLEASE do let me know in the morning if you are picking up from church - I will leave a signing sheet on the table on the playground.)

If you are going to be picking up from school we will aim to be back at 3:10 but bare in mind we have little legs and may take a while to walk back after the service. 

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. The children have been singing beautifully today ready to perform in the church. A little treat if you are able to come. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs Potter