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Red Kites

3rd November

This week everyone has been busy finding out about pyramids ready for their information writing task.  We looked at lots of different sources, including a 3D tour of the pyramids.  Did you know that the largest pyramid is called the Great Pyramid of Giza and is 140 metres in height and was built completely by hand.  Archaeologists found a full sized ship, as well as several boat pits, inside the pyramid which belonged to the Pharaoh, Khufu.  Today, we visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford which has the most amazing Ancient Egypt gallery with incredibly well preserved artifacts. The children took part in a workshop where they learnt more about life in Ancient Egypt and got to handle and explore real artifacts.  It was fascinating to see the mummies, sarcophagi and tombs and to see first hand, things we had been learning about in our topic lessons. We also got to look around the other galleries and saw some beautiful art work by famous artists such as the Impressionist artist, Pissaro and  Pre- Raphaelite artist, William Holman Hunt. 

Take a look at our photographs of our visit. 


19th October

This half term has flown past and we have had an exciting and productive last few days.  In Maths the children have been getting to grips with decimal place value and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  In English, they have been learning how to identify and use determiners and have finished writing up their science reports - a tricky type of writing when it includes lots of new scientific vocabulary, and having to get to grips with 'variables'!   In art the children learnt how to make coiled, clay pots and have used Ancient Egyptian styles of decoration to paint them.  It was a bit tricky mixing the colours to get the right tones. Thursday afternoon finished with a slightly damp PE games session and some group challenges.

Have a lovely half term break. 

12th October

Another busy week on learning despite experiencing power failure at school today!   This week in Red Kites the children have been learning all about forces in our Science block.  They have learnt what a force is and what it can do to an object. There were lots of questions to be explored when learning about gravity and how it affects us.  We watched some videos showing experiments to test ideas such as; 'Do heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones?' and 'Which will fall faster, a basket ball or a feather?'  It was fascinating to see what happened when both objects were dropped in a vacuum.    We carried out our own test to see if the weight of a ball affects how quickly it falls and discovered that the very light one fell at the same rate as the heavier one.   The children used Newton meters to measure the force of gravity on objects around the classroom as you can see in some of the photographs below.  In guided reading we found out about the life of Isaac Newton and how he became interested in science.  He is one of our most famous scientists ; incredibly, he was also a mathematician and a politician!  He made lots of discoveries and invented a number of things. Very clever.  Tomorrow the children will become scientists and carry out their own investigations into air resistance by making and testing parachutes. 

It was lovely to hear the following comment yesterday; 'At the beginning of the week I didn't know anything about science and I now know so much, and it's only Wednesday!' 

22nd September

October is looming large and it feels that we have hardly been back any time at all.  The Red Kites have been very busy again learning lots more about Ancient Egyptians and using their knowledge to plan their information texts.  In maths they have been consolidating their understanding of place value to add four digit numbers and have learnt to follow a line of enquiry to test an idea.  On Monday, swimming sessions began in earnest and the children spent a an intensive hour in the pool learning and practising their skills.  In PE they bravely weathered the rain to continue their running and football skills lessons.  In computing the children have been learning new formatting skills in Word and have been fascinated by the effects they can create.  We look forward to using them in when we present our work in other areas of the curriculum.


17th September

Many thanks to the children and parents who sponsored us for the 'Pretty Muddy' run for Cancer Research.  We are aching slightly and have finally managed to get rid of the mud.  It was a great team effort and, despite strain on our bodies, was a fun morning.  Thanks to my class helpers for rattling the money jar and raising extra money from the parents at home-time.

We are well into our topic now and are gaining some fascinating information about life in Ancient Egypt.  The children's mummification explanations are all completed and they are now learning about the river Nile and its importance in the development of the rich civilization.  One of the important mechanisms used by the ancient Egyptians, and which is still used in modern Egypt, was the shaduf.  The children have been designing and making their own working shaduf in DT.  Take a look at the photographs of the work in progress. 

Our swimming lessons start properly this week - the first week was assessing the children's skills so that they could be grouped for the rest of the term.  In the Thursday P.E. session, everyone began their running skills to develop stamina and have begun to learn some football skills.   In maths the children have been learning to read and write, and order and compare, 5 and 6 digit numbers and understand the place value of each digit.  They have worked hard on their learning and have shown a good understanding and are ready to move on to calculating.  We are delighted to be finally connected to the internet - this should make life a little easier for us.



Designing and making shadufs

9th September 2017

It has been an busy and exciting start to the new school year.  Our new 'temporary' classrooms are beginning to take shape and feel lived in and buzzing with learning. Three days into the new term and lots of ideas and questions have bounced around the walls.  We have have been learning to be a 'Questioning Class' and finding out that by asking questions and discussing existing knowledge and ideas we can begin to develop thinking at a much deeper and more profound level. It was impressive to watch as the children developed their own ideas as I merely acted as a conductor to direct their thinking. We have used our topic of mummification to start our questioning.   On Thursday the children were treated to a masterclass on mummification. They saw the body being prepared and then the removal of the organs and wrapping of the body.  See the photographs on Falcons' Class pages.  They will be uploaded onto ours later. On Monday, the children will be using their learning to write an explanation of the mummification process.   Our first few days have also been a time of learning to work collaboratively and co-operatively so the children have been working on some maths challenges using their logic and sharing ideas to find a solution.  


Temples, Tombs and Treasure


Uncover and discover mysteries, myths and mummies as we travel back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Journey down The Nile, past dusty pyramids and ancient sites. Dig deep below ground and explore the tombs of kings and pharaohs and discover how ordinary people lived their extraordinary lives.


Mrs Hamblin and Mrs Taylor welcome all new Red Kites - reunited again.  We are looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing your exciting learning adventures in the year ahead.