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Mathematics at Sutton Courtenay C of E Primary School


Mathematics At Sutton Courtenay C of E Primary School

Mathematics is a daily event at Sutton Courtenay and we want children to become successful and effective mathematicians.  In order to achieve this, in addition to our highly skilled class teachers, we also have a 'Numbers Count' teacher - a fully trained teacher who specialises in teaching mathematics, who takes very small groups or individuals in order to support the early development of mathematics.  Please visit the Numbers Count pages for more information.


Another one of our staff members is also a Maths specialist teacher and supports the staff to ensure that our children make good progress in this subject.


The introduction of the new curriculum has brought many changes to mathematics with areas of learning that previously were taught in older year groups being introduced much earlier.  Some of the methods taught you may not recognise - please do speak to school staff about this so that we can build up greater understanding of these methods.  It is incredibly important that all children know their times tables inside and out as this will help immensely with many areas of maths.  If you don't feel confident in mathematics please do not worry - but also don't tell your child.  It is not okay to say that you 'are not good at mathematics' - it is simply that you need further support to gain confidence.  


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