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Welcome to Year 2 - Kingfishers' Class


Term 5 - Towers, Tunnels and Turrets!


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This term we will be going back in time to the days when castles played an important part in surviving! We will be learning about how castles have changed through the years, how they protected towns and people and the real names for parts of a castle. We will be exploring castle towers and tunnels as well as other amazing ones around the world!  


In English we will be linking castles and structure to some well known traditional tales - Firstly The Three Little Pigs, where we will be retelling the story, describing characters, exploring the repetitive language and even writing some of our own chapters to improve them! We will be set a challenge to design and make secure castle for the 3 little pigs so that they aren't bothered by the Big Bad Wolf again. Then we will read the Fairy Tale Times to find out about the terrible crime against Rapunzel. She will be helping us to learn about speech punctuation and how we can Wow up the work 'said'.


We are hoping to end our topic with a visit to a castle - watch this space fo more details!


Key Stage 1 SATs

During May, Year 2 children nationally will take part in Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). There are 2 test papers for Reading and 2 test papers for Maths (Arithmetic and Reasoning) . Writing is assessed through Teacher Assessments which looks at a range of writing from the past few months to provide evidence against the end of Year 2 standards. 


We do not have a set week like the Year 6 SATs, therefore we can choose when in May best suits our school and our children. Due to the Year 6 SATs being in Week 5, we have decided that we will carryout the test papers during week 4 and 6. They will be done in small groups with Mrs Knight and other support when needed. 


The children have already been doing some past SAT papers to help them to become familiar with the structure and expectation, and in class we have been working on key areas and skills to support them in the tests. This will mean that they will not be at all daunted or worried about the actual tests but able to do their best.


Unlike in Key Stage 2, in Key Stage 1 although the tests inform and provide evidence of a child's independent ability, the ultimate decision lies with the class teacher who can draw on evidence of how they have achieved consistently during the year to reach a judgement. 


In June Assessments are finalised and shared with the County. These will state whether each Year 2 child is working at a level below expected, at the expected level or above the expected level in Reading, Writing and Maths. These will then be shared with parents in the End of Year report in July. From your Mid-year report and parent consultation you will already be aware of where your child is likely to achieve.


Please do not worry about the SATs, you do not need to do anything to prepare your child, except regular reading to develop their stamina and support them to complete any homework. On the whole, young children rather enjoy the tests - and a few class treats and rewards during the assessment days always help!


If you wish to discuss the SATs at all or see some previous papers please come in after school on Tuesday 24th April where Mrs Knight will be available to talk to you.





Superstar Writers Award!

Handwriting is a key focus in Year 2 as it is essential that as children move through to Key Stage 2 they mastered the skills of handwriting so that they can focus more on the content of their writing. So......... we have a challenge in Kingfishers that everyone in the class is going to achieve the Superstar Writer Award by the end of the school year.

We are all doing really well and already we are seeing a huge improvement. To achieve the award you must:

1. Sit all letters neatly on the line.

2. Form all letters correctly, starting in the correct place.

3. Show accurate letter heights, with tall letters going up and letters with tails hanging below the line,

      Joined handwriting is a bonus!




PE - This Term Kingfishers' will have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays, however please have your PE Kit in school hung on your peg all week. You need: Black shorts, green t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls. (please can girls who wear tights also keep a pair of socks in their PE bag You need: black).

Children who wear earrings must take them out for PE, if they are unable to do this themselves please take them out at home on PE days (If they have just had them pierced you need to provided them with plasters or micropore tape for 6 weeks).




 Homework and Reading in Kingfishers' Class


Homework is set weekly and has an English, maths or topic focus. We give homework out in their 'My work at home books' on Wednesdays and expect them to be brought back in on Monday mornings. This allows time for marking and new homework to be put in books.


Please do add any comments you feel would be useful to your child's homework, it is a good way of communicating how your child is getting on with their homework and what support they needed. Please also use this book to share any other work you do at home with your child eg a piece of writing, some extra maths or a piece of art; we love to see what other work the children are doing at home.

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Please read with your child at least 4 times a week, regular reading really does make a difference. Year 2 is an important year for reading, they have learned many of the phonics needed and are now applying them and developing reading stamina and comprehension. At the end of this year they will be sitting a reading SATs paper which assesses their level of reading through their ability to answer written questions about what they have read.


We aim to change the children's reading books twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays. If there is not evidence that they have read at home, we will not change their book until we have heard them read. Please remember that children benefit from reading a text more than once, it can really develop their confidence and allows opportunities for them increase their fluency. Please help your child to develop their comprehension skills by asking them questions about the characters and the story plot. 

Maths - Active Learn

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Remember if you want to practice the maths skills we are working on in class then log on to Active learn! Username: child's first name (no capitals)   Password: kingfishers   School code: ljsw

Wednesday 14th March

Kingfishers had an exciting day today when Owen's Martial Arts Teacher came and delivered a session with us! We did lots of exercises, learn't some hitting and kicking skills and self defence but above all we learned the importance of respect. Thank you very much to Shannan Harrison from Matt Fiddes Martial Arts. If your child is interested in doing more please follow the contact information on the letter they brought home.

There is busythings for Year 2 too!

There is busythings for Year 2 too! 1 User: Yeartwo2 Password: Yeartwo2

Key Stage 1 Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

What do Kingfishers do each day? Have a look at an example of our Weekly Timetable below.