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Welcome to Kestrels Year 1!

Please see below for class updates


Class Information:


This term our topic is... Katie in London!


Head Lice!

Please check your child's hair for head lice and nits and treat as necessary.

Thank you! 



Parents/Grandparents we need you!

Could you come in and listen to children read from 1:30-3pm? Please let Miss Hazell know!

We would love to have you!


Lost and Found!

We have a small collection of mislaid jumpers in the classroom. If your child has lost a jumper/cardigan please ask to reclaim it!


Introducing Homework Club!

Homework club will be held in the classroom during Tuesday break-times. This is time for the children to catch up on spellings, maths and reading not done at home. If you are interested in your child attending please speak to Miss Hazell.



Spellings will be given every Wednesday to learn at home.

What do you need to do at home?

1) Practise your spellings in your yellow spelling books throughout the week!

Try to practise these every day and fill in the daily spellings sheet!



Reading books and reading records will be checked every Monday and Thursday. Please bring in your reading wallets every day so that you can also read in school!

What do you need to do at home?

1) Make time for reading for at least 10 minutes every day.

2) Record the reading your child has done in the yellow reading record. (Please note books will not be changed unless reading is recorded as it will be assumed that the book has not been finished.)


Maths Games

Each child has been given an Active Learn bookmark. Please help your child login to play on the set maths games once a week.


Busy Things

Please help your child login to complete the set activities once a week!

login: kestrelshome     password: kestrelshome



Kestrels class will have PE on Tuesdays and Fridays so please ensure your P.E Kit is hung on your peg all week. Your P.E bags can be taken home over the weekend for a wash. You need: Black shorts, green t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls. (Please can girls who wear tights also keep a pair of black PE socks in their PE bag).

Thank you!



It is important to drink enough water each day and so we recommend bringing in a clean water bottle daily which can be kept in the classroom and drunk during snack times. Water bottles can also be filled up from the sink in the classroom.

Throughout the day, there are many opportunities for the children to have a drink of water. If they do not have a water bottle, the children can have a drink from the water fountain in the corridor. Children also eating school dinners will receive drinks of water with their meal at lunchtimes.



In Kestrels class, stickers are awarded for hard work, behaviour, outstanding effort and acts of kindness.



Throughout the school, children are also given smiles for their smile charts in the classroom. All children have a reward card in school where smiles are recorded. When the children have 50 smiles, they gain a bronze award. 100 smiles gains a silver award and 150 smiles gains a gold award. For each smile, a house point is also collected. On Fridays, the head teacher gives special awards for outstanding effort or achievement and house points are totalled and the winning house is announced.


 Class Updates

We made our own documentaries about polar animals!

Still image for this video

We made our own documentaries about polar animals!

Still image for this video

We made our own documentaries about polar animals!

Still image for this video

We made our own documentaries about polar animals!

Still image for this video

We had fun excavating some polar animals from the ice!


We were able to Skype a scientist who has explored the Antarctic! 

We created our own rainfall catchers to measure the amount of rain throughout the week!

We had a visit from the poet

James Carter!

We even teamed up with Year 2 to write our own poem!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We got a visit from Father Christmas!



We became TV Chefs!

TV Chefs

Still image for this video

TV Chefs

Still image for this video

TV Chefs

Still image for this video

We had a lot of fun on Takeover Day!

Takeover Day

Still image for this video

We role-played scenes from the Christmas story

We created fireworks in a jar!

Still image for this video

We made firework rockets out of grapes and strawberries!

We made firework rockets!


Today we showed our firework dances to the rest of the class!

Still image for this video

In computing, we programmed Beebots to move around a map!

In topic we made rafts out of junk modelling and tested to see whether they would float on water!


Today we ordered numbers to 20 - but ran out of room! Thankfully, Alfie and his arm saved the day!

Kestrels' and Kingfishers' PIRATE TRIP!

We had fun on-board the pirate Jubilee!




We all worked together to pull the rope that opened the gates of the lock!

We then met up with the Kingfishers' pirates where we had ice lollies and played pirate games in the park!

Ooooh Aaargh!!!! A pirate's life for me!

Today we role-played 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'


We then made lighthouses out of apples, strawberries and bananas...

...and then we got to eat them!


Kestrels class settling into year one!