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We did it!

15th September


It's been a lovely week in Falcons as everyone properly settled back into learning and school routines.

The children impressed us with the quality of their mummification explanation texts and they were keen to know more about life in Ancient Egypt so we started to explore the question: 'How did Ancient Egypt become such a powerful civilization?'

We've used atlases, maps and satellite images to locate Egypt; the surrounding countries and seas and the River Nile. We've learnt about the features of a river and can now use the technical vocabulary to describe each section (course). We related our findings to the River Nile and discovered that it has more than one source. 

Using drawings from the time period, the children uncovered the importance of farming to Ancient Egyptians and now recognise that the Nile was central to success of the nation. Today we saw how the Ancient Egyptians collected water from the Nile for farming irrigation and the Falcons worked in pairs to design and make a shaduf.


In maths, we have been learning about 3-decimal place numbers. It's been tricky but we think we've got it now. We certainly know how to say, write and compare them - however, converting to fractions is our next challenge!


Everyone is enjoying listening to Wonder (our class book). Thinking about the feelings of the main character, and how he can overcome new challenges, is forming the basis of our PSHCE learning. 


Keep up the good work Falcons!

Muddy Teachers

Have you ever wanted to see your teacher covered in mud; bounce through puddles on a space-hopper; slide into cold, dirty water or clamber over slippery inflatables? This weekend is your opportunity. Come and watch me and the other teachers taking part in Pretty Muddy in Oxford's South Park on Saturday at 11am.  I hope to hear you cheering us on.


You can also help by sponsoring us as all funds we raise will go to Cancer Research UK. Donations can be made at the school office or on-line at


Imogen's mum and sister are racing too - so best of luck to them as well.


7th September

What an exciting start to the new school year the Falcons have had! We were thrilled discovered our new classroom with its fresh, spacious surroundings The perfect classroom for a 'new beginning' at the start of our final year in Primary School. 

Our topic is sparking all our imaginations and we are developing our questioning skills as we look at images, videos and Google Earth maps of ancient and modern Egypt.

Today we witnessed a mummification! In the darkness, we watched the shadow of Ramose in the Beautiful House as he prepared a young pharaoh for his journey to the afterlife. We saw him cut open the body and remove the liver and intestines; placing them carefully into canopic jars. We watched in awe as he used a hook to mash up the brain but then observed how gently he wrapped the body in linen strips.

Tomorrow we will write an explanation of the embalming process.

Temples, Tombs and Treasure

(Terms 1 & 2)


Let’s travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt

and enter a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings.

We will explore the Nile and discover the fascinating culture of this ancient civilisation

as well as finding out about powerful pharaohs and grandiose gods.



Welcome back Falcons! You are now the oldest children in the school, you have a fabulous new classroom and have a fantastic topic ahead - it's going to be a brilliant year and Mrs Clark and I can't wait to share it with you. Take a look inside the 'class curriculum' link above and you will, "...see wonderful things".


See you on Wednesday 6th September